Whether you are a prospective student, new student, or returning student, you are the reason we are here. We appreciate that you are seeking your education at ICCS, and we want you to rest assured that we will do everything we can to help you achieve your educational objectives and professional development. We are grateful for your decision to attend ICCS, and we value your input about how to make this program even better.

Our primary purpose for the establishment of ICCS is to further contribute to the Great Commission by helping students develop their own personal walk with God and train them to become disciples who make disciples, whether in an ordained or non-ordained context. Our objective is to inform and enrich our students’ lives towards that end. As a College, we will commit the necessary resources to ensure our instructors have the tools they need. Delivering a consistent level of superior quality is paramount.  

Remember, in addition to serving the students of this school, we also serve the interests of the community-at-large. More importantly, we are literally fulfilling the command of Jesus Christ. In the future, we hope that you will play a role in serving God by providing ministry to our community at many levels in either a local or even a global environment. You will use the knowledge, skills, and abilities you gain from our instruction to serve God.  Our standards, therefore, are high. 

At ICCS, you can earn your certificate or degree in the most affordable, convenient, and efficient way possible. In my humble opinion, with our excellent curriculum and outstanding faculty, your education will be better than what you would receive elsewhere. The curriculum is designed to allow you to pursue your education while you remain at home and serve in your own community. Classes are designed to be immediately utilized in your environment and programs are kept up to date and relevant with the very best of materials.

Our catalog should provide you with the information you require to pursue your certificate or degree. Please do not hesitate to contact our administrative staff if you have questions or concerns.

Again, welcome to ICCS, and good luck!

Jason McLendon, M.Div., President