ICCS allows churches to establish Extension Campuses to promote Christian education and training. ICCS extension campuses are non-traditional in the sense that these sites are specifically for the purpose of providing networking and fellowship between ICCS students within the same geographical area. All academic requirements are still conducted through the ICCS Learning Management System, however, regular meetings may take place to provide an opportunity to discuss forum topics and/or conduct other relevant discussions led by an ICCS Teaching Assistant. Extension Campuses may also recruit students into the program.

Establishing an ICCS Extension Campus requires two or more students in the local area, a site facilitator, and a Teaching Assistant. A site facilitator must be a mature Christian and hold either a Bachelor’s Degree in a religious studies-oriented degree, or be currently enrolled in at least one ICCS class. A Teaching Assistant must be a mature Christian and have either a Bachelor’s Degree in a religious studies-oriented degree, or have completed at least 15 semester hours at ICCS, to include at least THEO 101 and THEO 102. The Teaching Assistant and Site Facilitator can be one and the same person, or two separate people.

To start an ICCS Extension Campus, simply send an email to admin@ICCSonline.net with the name(s) of the person or people who will serve as the site facilitator and Teaching Assistant, as well as the name and address of the host church.

It does not cost anything to establish an extension campus. Extension Campuses may not charge to attend. All school payments are made through ICCS, and all formal course instruction is conducted through ICCS.